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Timber! MTB Bell

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The original mountain bike-specific bell. Timber! is unlike any other bell. It is naturally silent until you drop the switch and release the clapper. Then the familiar sound of a bicycle bell automatically sounds with the motion of the trail. No longer needed? No problem, just switch it off again.

What's the point? Tension on shared-used trails between bikers and hikers or horse riders is something we have all experienced. If you haven't noticed the frustration towards you as a cyclist from other trail users at times, then this product isn't for you! If you care about alerting other trail users and building positive relationships then click 'Buy'.

Band-On Model: Flexibility of mounting location like your stem, 35mm handlebars or any other purpose. The rubber band means switching it from bike-to-bike, is easy! Not ideal for positioning near your brake levers where the handlebar is narrower (22.2m). You should check out the Bolt-On model for that.

Bolt-On Model: You want your bell positioned on the narrower part of your handlebars (22.2mm) around your brake levers. It will also fit anywhere on your handlebars (up to 31.8mm) with a 4mm Allen key.