Slicy Sublimistick Crank Protection

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ike a true second skin, Slicy Bike Crank Protection will ensure your bike’s longevity and brightness.

Fully customised, the pre-cut kit adapts to the shape and size of your bike crank. The Sublimistick pieces cover up to 90% of the surface of your crank. These kits are designed with a spacing of 3 to 5 mm between each piece.

The advantages of the Sublimistick Integral kit :

  • Protects paint against rock chips & scratches (projections, shuttles, bike racks, chairlifts, etc.).
  • Keeps the crank looking fresh all year round.
  • Protect your investment : A bike without scratches sells better.

The Sublimistick Integral kit includes all the necessary accessories for a perfect installation:

  • Instructions & advice for installation.
  • A microfiber.
  • A soft squeegee to remove water.
  • 0.5ml of Slicy Shampoo solution to facilitate application.

Characteristics of our Sublimistick protective film :

  • High quality polyurethane film.
  • Thickness: 160 microns.
  • Anti-UV treatment.
  • Non-yellowing.
  • Self-healing properties.
  • Anti-adherent (mud sticks less easily).