Revgrips RG5 Gum Orange
Revgrips RG5 Gum purple
Revgrips RG5 Gum  gold
Revgrips RG5 Gum dvo green
Revgrips RG5 Gum red
Revgrips RG5 Gum grey
Revgrips RG5 Gum black
Revgrips RG5 Red orange
Revgrips RG5 Red purple
Revgrips RG5 Red gold
Revgrips RG5 Red green
Revgrips RG5 Red blue
Revgrips RG5 Red red
Revgrips RG5 Red grey
Revgrips RG5 Red black
Revgrips RG5 turquoise orange
Revgrips RG5 turquoise purple
Revgrips RG5 turquoise gold
Revgrips RG5 turquoise green
Revgrips RG5 turquoise blue
Revgrips RG5 turquoise red
Revgrips RG5 turquoise
Revgrips RG5 turquoise black
Revgrips RG4 neon orange orange
Revgrips RG4 neon orange purple
Revgrips RG4 neon orange gold
Revgrips RG4 neon orange dvo green
Revgrips RG4 neon orange blue
Revgrips RG4 neon orange red
Revgrips RG4 neon orange grey
Revgrips RG4 neon orange black
Revgrips RG4 graphite orange
Revgrips RG4 graphite purple
Revgrips RG4 graphite gold
Revgrips RG4 graphite dvo green
Revgrips RG4 graphite blue
Revgrips RG4 graphite red
Revgrips RG4 graphite grey
Revgrips RG4 graphite black
Revgrips RG4 black orange
Revgrips RG4 black
Revgrips RG4 black gold
Revgrips RG4 black green
Revgrips RG4 black blue
Revgrips RG4 black red
Revgrips RG4 black grey
Revgrips RG4 Gum blue
Revgrips RG4 black black
Revgrips RG4 Army Green gold
Revgrips RG4 Army Green black
Revgrips RG4 Army Green blue
Revgrips RG4 Army Green dvo green
Revgrips RG4 Army Green grey
Revgrips RG4 Army Green orange
Revgrips RG4 Army Green purple
Revgrips RG4 Army Green red
Revgrips RG4 Ergo Pro Series Grips
Revgrips RG4 Ergo Pro Series Grips

Revgrips RG4 Ergo Pro Series Grips

Regular price $109.00

Pro Series Shock Absorbing Grip System with fully adjustable feel from ultra firm to ultra soft.

This product page is for the RG4 Ergonomic grip sleeve shape. This is the LATEST RevGrips Pro Series System in size RG4 (We have 8 different sizes).  This particular size utilises Revgrips' Super Soft compound combined with a high-traction, subtle, ergonomic design that support your hand where it's needed.  Size wise, the RG4 is around a 31-32mm in a 'small'.  See specific design details below or visit our sizing/tuning page (HERE) for more info.

Revgrips grip sleeve sizes

  • Revgrips are floating. They do not touch the bar, contributing to their unparalleled comfort
  • Adjustable through 5 different settings from Soft to Firm
  • 8x Grip sleeve sizes/shapes to choose, from 31mm, 31mm Half Waffle, 32.5mm and 34mm. Plus the 4x ergo grips including RG4, RG5, RG6 and RG7
  • All parts are individually replaceable (and stocked here in the UK) to ensure affordable long-term ownership
  • 10x Clamp colours and 8x Sleeve colours to choose from

This system comes complete with a tuning kit, assembly tools, lightened clamps and your choice of coloured grips and clamps. Everything needed to install and adjust your grip system is in the box. Choose your size, grip colour, and clamp colour using the drop down options on this page.

Want a mixed up colour combination not listed here? Just ask.

Once you have a set, all of the individual parts can be replaced (Grip sleeve, Inserts, clamp, bolts etc.) can be replaced, making these grips last a life time. 30-Day Satisfaction Guaranteed (see below).

What's in the box?

  • 2x Grip Sleeves
  • 4x Ultra Light Aluminium Clamps
  • 4x Shock Absorbing Inserts rings
  • 8x Tuning Washers
  • 2x Aluminium Bar End Plugs
  • 5x Clamp Screws
  • 1x 3mm Hex Wrench

30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

We understand buying a set of Revgrips is a considered purchase. That's why, if you aren't satisfied with your grips, we will work with you to make them work or if they absolutely aren't right for you, offer a full refund (less any associated shipping costs) within 30 days of purchase. We ask the grips are returned in good condition, excluding crash damage and with minimal signs of wear which are in-keeping with enough riding time to tell if the grips are doing their job (not a week in the Alps). Most riders can tell Revgrips do their job within the first few minutes of a ride. If you don't notice a difference, it's possible you have chosen the wrong sleeve size for your hands. If this is the case, please get in touch to organise an exchange. We're here to help!

*All sizes are an approximate measurement due to the variances in rubber/resin manufacture