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Reverse Lead Handlebars
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Reverse Lead DH Handlebar
Reverse Lead Handlebar

Reverse Lead 770 Handlebars

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The lead is a true all-rounder! With its comfortable width, this handlebar fits for all disciplines, from cross country, trail to Enduro and dirt jump.

Double butted aluminium, a wide range of colours and a comfortable combination of rise, back and upsweep are the key features of this handlebar.

The 25 mm Rise, preferred by many riders, can usually only be found on our Seismic Series high end carbon handlebars. After many requests for an aluminium bar with this rise, we decided to go for this ride for the Lead bar.

Our Lead cuts the gap between our 18 mm and 35 mm Rise aluminium handlebars, providing an alternative for those who prefer a 25 mm rise.

Ergonomics / Performance / Reliability / Colour Selection!


  • - Width: 770 mm
    - Ø: 31.8 mm
    - Rise: 25 mm
    - Upsweep: 4°
    - Backsweep: 9°
    - Weight: 295 g (+/- 5% weight tolerance)
    - Maximum permissible bike + rider weight: 130 kg
    - Material: Aluminium 7075 (double butted)


    - E-Safety Level: Category 4 (High)
    - EFBE E-MTB Tri Test (EPAC MTB-AM) tested
    - Cutting lines: for orientation when shortening the handlebar
    - Alignment lines: as a guide when mounting brake lever and trigger
    - Reverse stem alignment lines: for orientation when mounting on the stem