Reverse Base Pedals
Reverse Base Pedals
Reverse Base Pedals
Reverse Base Pedals

Reverse Base Pedals

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Base Pedal - Grip it and rip it!

Big, wide and grippy. The Base is our latest pedal that combines our knowledge from almost 20 years of pedal manufacturing with a new technology to improve longevity:

The "Baurillium" bushing from Reverse.

Our newly developed "Baurillium" bushing ensures a long-lasting and low-maintenance pedal. The bushing replaces plastic or Teflon bushings with a special metal alloy with particularly effective sliding and lubricating properties. This bushing is significantly more resilient and has a long service life. A permanent lubrication is generated by the metal alloy with micro pores.

A large platform with an optimum concave keeps your foot firmly sitting into the pedal. This allows a direct feedback into the bike and stops any accidental foot slips.

Through the design stage we experimented with different shaped platforms and chose a slightly rounder edge-profile of the pedal body to deflect hits and to reduces getting hung up on roots or rocks.
The milled pedal body made of 6061-T6 aluminium with our proven CrMo steel axle makes for a super robust and reliable pedal.

The extra pronounced thread on the pins provides additional support and securely anchors your shoe sole to the pedal. Various pin lengths (9mm & 13mm) are optionally available as accessories to personalize the desired grip level.

Whether you’re hitting the steeps of Champery in the wet, big hucks in your local bike park, or taming fast, root infested natural trails, the Base keeps your feet glued to in place. 

A pedal you can rely on. From the inner workings to the pedal body, we've worked on every detail to make it the ultimate gravity-oriented flat pedal.

Ride Reverse

- Pedal size: 116 x 104 mm
- Contact Surface: 106 x 104 mm
- Height: 20 mm
- Pedal thread: 9/16"
- Surface: Concave Shape with additional CNC machining for the perfect grip
- Bearings: 1 x industrial bearing / 1 x Reverse-Baurillium-bushing
- Pin setup: 16 (11mm) steel pins per pedal (Thread: US Size 6/32", Length: 11mm) (optionally available as an accessory: 9mm & 13mm pins)
- Pin height: 6 mm standover height with 11mm standard pins (optionally: 8mm standover height with 13mm pins / 4mm standover height with 9mm pins /  
- Weight: 420 g (+/- 5% weight tolerance)
- Material: Aluminium (pedal) / CrMo-steel (axle) / Steel (Pins)

Safety note:
Unless otherwise specified by the crank manufacturer.
Make sure that the pedals are tightened to min. 37 to max. 42 Nm.

- All spare parts are available separately
- Pedal service at the manufacturer (exchange of all bearings) for 25€ incl. return shipment within Germany
- High strength CrMo-steel axle
- 2x Pedal washers: to protect the crankset thread
- Replaceable pins
- Optional accessories available are aluminium or steel pins in various colours and lengths (click here)