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Huck XC Strap by Louri

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FREE 1ltr Drybag worth £7.99 with EVERY Strap Purchased.

Huck is all about ditching the pack. When using a hydration bag is impractical or unnecessary. The convenience of being able to carry your essential gear securely and forgetting it's even there. 

Who is Huck? Louri as a brand is rebranding. Louri is now phasing into Huck, starting with brand name and product name and later switching social media handles, product labels and packaging. It's the new era of the Louri brand. More memorable, more appealing...a wider range of product.

The XC Strap for MTB or Road saddles is designed just for that. For tucking tightly under your saddle where it stays silent, subtle and out of the way. Recently renamed the 'XC Strap' because it works well on smaller frame tubes, such as seatposts or slim top tubes on XC bikes or road bikes. The elastic pre-loading system makes installing your inner tube/s, Co2 and more super easy and fast to use. What's more, we've deliberately made the strap long enough to be able to reach around large +size inner tubes while still not offering unmanageable excess for small road inner tubes. One size for all!

  • Large enough to secure 2x road inner tubes or 1x MTB tube right up to a 3"+size MTB tube
  • Dropper seat post compatible
  • Adjustable to fit solely an inner tube, a tube + Co2 or much larger items such as water bottles
  • Strong, machine washable materials
  • Hook-to-hook tape for secure mounting no matter what part of the strap it secures back against. No 'fluffy' part so it won't wear out or hold on to moisture
  • Hidden eyelet stitches for super strong elastic anchoring
  • Hand Made in the UK

Attention to detail has reached new heights with Lourí. Hand made in the UK by people who know materials and know cycling. This is more than a strip of hook & loop.


  • Length: 37cm
  • Width: 2.5cm
  • Max Secure Mounted Circumference:29cm 
  • Minimum Secure Mounted Circumference: 18cm

Can I use a Frame Strap as a Saddle Strap, or a Saddle Strap as a Frame Strap? A popular question, because on the face of it both products look very similar. Essentially YES, you can use a Frame Strap to mount on your frame or on your saddle rails. BUT, there is an excessive amount of material which results in fiddly mounting on saddle rails. That's why we have made a Saddle Strap, which is a few inches shorter with less rubber-backing, making it ideal for wrapping under your saddle. Likewise, a Saddle Strap will work on smaller frame tubes, such as a top tube. But with less rubber-backing, there isn't as much grip and paint protection. So ideally, use each strap for a specific purpose.

How to Preload & Mount your Saddle Strap

1. Open the strap with the grippy patch facing up
2. Place Co2, Tyre Levers or Allen keys across the strap on top of the elasticated loops FIRST
3. Now place your inner tube on top of the other items and position.
4. Stretch each elastic loop over your inner tube and ensure all contents are held in position.
5. With the strap now ON TOP of your bundle, thread the resin loop across the top of the saddle rails until it is accessible from the other side of the saddle.
6. Now thread the other end of the strap through the loop and allow the loop to pass back across the saddle rails while you position the inner tube between your rails.
7. Holding the tube and bundle between the rails, pull the strap tightly to hold the bundle securely in position and wrap the hook & loop strip against itself.

Here's a video on how to do the same....