Handske Senga Gloves
Handske Senga on the bike
Handske Senga Lightweight Gloves

Handske Senga Lightweight Gloves

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The Senga cycling gloves feature a NEW top fabric for maximum breathability & our standard tech.

Standard Tech

Our lightweight premium gloves are made for cyclocross, gravel bike, mountain bike, road cycling and even karting, we’ve got you covered. 

Handske gloves have a lean fit to ensure they're as comfortable as can be. Figure out your size by clicking here... SIZE GUIDE


Inspired by the complex Japanese paper-cut art, Kyle Davenport refines a modern approach to this design and ties it to the delicate combination of over-all simplicity and intricacy of lines and colors of the traditional craft, kirigami.

Handske Senga Glove