Handske Back to Memphis Gloves
Handske Back To Memphis Lightweight Gloves

Handske Back To Memphis Lightweight Gloves

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The Senga cycling gloves feature a NEW top fabric for maximum breathability & our standard tech.

Standard Tech

Our lightweight premium gloves are made for cyclocross, gravel bike, mountain bike, road cycling and even karting, we’ve got you covered. 

Handske gloves have a lean fit to ensure they're as comfortable as can be. Figure out your size by clicking here... SIZE GUIDE


It’s an ‘80s movement, reacting to the grit of modernism. The Memphis group collectively came out swinging with tastes of squiggles to wacky geometry in an era not yet exposed to the ‘tasteful’ trend. For 2020 we reemerge this art, leave the sesame street colours out, and align the patterns with the softer colours of this decade.

Handske Back to Mephis