2019 welcomes the first Cyclorise Ambassador program. We're calling it #teamcyclorise and is aimed at supporting grass roots racers and raising awareness of our brands at events all over the country as well as social media.

We're proud to support the following hardy riders. 

 Adam Copley - @roamingloam

Adam Copley Team Cyclorise

Lover of cross country and enduro. Good times and nice weather. Riding for me is all about the release and escape from the day to day. The worries about finances
and life in general. It’s food for the soul and time in the open air. Away from a life of social media and people. Times with mates on the trails, the adrenalin rush of downhill runs and the burn of the climbs. It’s fitness and health, both for my body and for my mind. For this reason, riding is the ultimate sport for me.


Cezary Kuc - @ceez_mtb

Cezary Kuc Team Cyclorise

Hi my name is Cezar, I'm a self driven passionate mountain biker that lives in North Wales in the past 15 years. Chasing singletrack since 2014, started racing short time ago and got totally hooked up. Ex London bike courier, so I'm lucky to be still alive. I'm  working with a coating manufacture and enjoying the outdoors as much as I can. Easy going, always smiling and enjoying outside life.
I'm really honoured that I've been given opportunity to join this great fast growing team.
See you on the trails 🤘
Chris Rice - @kristoffrides

Chris Rice Team Cyclorise
Chris ‘Kristoff’ Rice, 35, from Somerset uk, aircraft fitter/inspector by trade with a deeply rooted passion for all things bike. Tried his hand at enduro racing last year for Knolly bikes and continuing to improve and enjoy his riding and racing more and more.
Rich Turner - @rich_turner147

Rich Turner Team Cyclorise

Hi peeps I’m Rich, 25 from sunny Bournemouth. I took up cross country riding 3 years ago to improve my fitness and put some meat on my skinny legs ! The legs are still smallish but my fitness has improved (less beer required) Now my riding has evolved over the years into enduro racing and more gravity based riding. You will always catch me at my local bike park Okeford hill on the uplift ! 

I love the competitive side of mtb, it gives you goals to aim for and achievements to reach for and as someone once told me, Never say the sky is the limit when there is footprints on the moon. I apply this philosophy to my riding and that why I love this sport. 

I’m certainly looking forward to what 2019 will bring me and team cyclorise, we’ve got a big year ahead of us !

Now enough chat let’s go hit some trails 🤟🏼


Russ Wynn-Smith - @russmini

Russ Wynn-Smith

Middle aged bloke who has always tried to stay Young!
Biking is something i’ve been doing on & off for many years and now enjoy biking with my son & wife.
I’m built for Uplifts, it’s like they were invented for me!
I live by two main things - Making Memories & This isn’t a Rehearsal.
As well as MTB i also try to injure myself on a Drift Trike
Being part of Team Cyclorise will be an Amazing Adventure & Privilege this year and i can’t wait to meet everyone out there.
I’ll be at MTBMeetup, ArdRock, Malverns, Crickley Flyers, Swinduro and riding at BPW, 417, Antur Stiniog and a few others.
If you see me, pop over and say hi. Always up for a chat, about anything and yes, i can talk for hours….
Tim Cutler - @mountimbiker
Tim Cutler Team Cyclorise
20 year old wanna be mountain biker. I think I have style but I'll let
you decide that one. This will be my first season of racing, so very
excited to see what is in store.
From Bournemouth, where there are lots of hills, NOT! So I mainly ride
in Wales at places such as CYB and Llandegla.

Will Doherty - @willdoherty13

Will Doherty #teamcyclorise

I am a passionate are mountain biker that likes to think he's got some style, loves to go fast, loves to go big and loves learning new things. 
Now let's get back to the trail!