Bronze Service


For the regular cyclist, this is the basic service that's required multiple times per year. It's like checking your car's tyre pressures and oil levels. Keep it running well and it'll last you longer and cost less when major-service time comes. 


  • Gear Tune Up
  • Brake Tune Up
  • Inflate Tyres
  • Safety check all bolts
  • Lubricate chain (unless already overly dirty/grimy/lubricated)
  • Fitting of any service parts required (parts chargeable extra)
  • Basic on-bike wheel true (straighten)


  • Extensive wheel true
  • Headset or bottom bracket service
  • Brake Bleeding (+£5 per brake)
  • Major component installation
  • Any cleaning
  • Collection/Delivery (+£15 NP7)
  • Any labour items not listed above


    Our business hours can vary. Therefore we prefer advanced bookings.

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