Why Cycles T.F.
Why Cycles T.F.
Why Cycles T.F.

Why Cycles T.F.

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Availability: Why Cycles are generally for Special Order. Delivery time ranges from 2-8 weeks but we tend to have stock for immediate dispatch. Please contact us to enquire and to pay a 50% deposit on your new Why to get the ball rolling.

Want a complete bike? We offer SLX, XT and XTR build kits with rigid or suspension fork options. Please contact us for a quote.

Why Cycles is now available through Cyclorise. Why Cycles aren't currently held in stock, but your new Why can be ordered with a 50% deposit and will be due in 2-6 weeks. 

At Why, we all like to ride a lot of different two wheeled vehicles. Our founders ride everything from ultra aero triathlon bikes to downhill bikes to dirt bikes, and really just about everything in between. There is something incredibly special about each different type of bicycle, and each one provides a new perspective on why bikes are so incredibly fulfilling. (Ok, maybe we can leave the tri bike out of that statement…) So we decided that we wanted to ride a dirt jumper that was incredibly modern, that was designed to fly over jump lines with ease and comfort and stability and, most importantly, with fly looks to make everyone else jealous.

Enter the Why T.F., the Take Flight. The WTF, for short, is simply the best dirt jump bike we have ever ridden. Run the bike belt driven, single speed, or geared, and we dare you to not hop on this bike and get a giant, cheesy grin on your face. The real kicker about the WTF? 27.5” wheels. Yes yes, dirt jump bikes are traditionally designed around 26” wheels, but we wanted to try this out. The biggest benefit to the larger wheels is the ability to run a larger bottom bracket drop and keep the pedals at the same height off the ground. The end result is fantastically improved handling and cornering ability, and it is immediately noticeable. This titanium dirt jumper is one of the most durable, fun bikes to jump in, off, and around anything you might see in your path, and we know you’ll love it just as much as we will. 


Frame Specification

  • Headset – Integrated standard 42mm upper cup, 52mm lower cup
  • Bottom Bracket – Threaded 73mm BSA standard
  • Axle Spacing Boost – 12mm x 148mm\
  • Dropouts – 12mm Thru Axle, 1.75 thread pitch, adjustable sliding and belt drive compatible
  • Bottle Mounts – None- water is at the bottom of the jump line
  • Rack Mounts – Ha!
  • Seatpost – 31.6mm
  • Seat clamp – 34.9mm
  • Brake Max – 160mm rear, direct mount standard



The Why T.F. is one of very few 27.5 dirt jumpers available, and therefore has rather radical geometry differences when compared with other DJ bikes on the market. However, when compared with other similar 26” wheeled DJ bikes, the general handing, body positioning, overall feel is very similar.

The bike has a much steeper head angle in order to optimise it’s trail number for the quick-handling needs of DJ bikes. Perhaps the most noticeable difference in geometry comes from the bottom bracket drop of the T.F. The BB drop affects how a bike corners and, combined with chainstay length, affects its stability. With the larger wheels, we were able to achieve a much larger BB drop while maintaining the same crank/pedal clearance from the ground. This makes the T.F. corner and handle significantly more predictably than other DJ bikes on the market.

Why TF Geometry Chart