Slicy Banana Smoothy 500ml Selaant
Slicy Products Banana Smoothy Sealant
Slicy Banana Smoothy Sealant
Slicy banana Smooth 500ml Sealant
Slicy Banana Smooth 1ltr Sealant
Slicy Banana Smoothy Sealant

Slicy Banana Smoothy Sealant

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Ingredients (250 ml for 2 wheels) :

Synthetic Latex Puree – 200ml

Nano Flakes chips : Rubber particles from recycled tires. – 50gr

1 half banana (well ripe)


Cooking (5min) :

1/ Peel and cut the banana into pieces.

2/ Add synthetic Latex milk.

3/ Grate an old bicycle tire into fine particles.

4/ Mix with the Blender.


How to cook your Slicy Banana Smoothy Sealant ? 


Our Slicy Banana Smoothy Tubeless Sealant avoids punctures on your Tubeless tyres. We have developed a next-generation formula, based on synthetic latex, containing nano particles of recycled tyres.

Slightly thick, the Slicy Banana Smoothy permanently lines the inside of the tyre and plugs the holes up to 6mm  very quickly.

No more unpleasant odours from ammonia-based sealant. The Slicy Banana Smoothy smells like bananas! Fitting a tubeless wheel becomes (almost) a pleasure.


Developed with Orbea enduro team and Sunn enduro TeamSlicy Banana Smoothy is suitable for Mountain Bike, Road and Gravel bike.


Features :
  • Eco-friendly doypack packaging : light, compact, léger, compact, generates less waste.
  • Suitable for : MTB / Road / Gravel.
  • Seals up to 6mm holes.
  • Waterproofs porous tyres.
  • Long Lasting (+6 months) / Doesn’t ball up
  • Contains Nano Rubber Particles from recycled tyres.
  • Non-corrosive / easy to wash off with water.
  • Banana Smell / Ammonia free
  • CO2 compatible 
Recommended dose for 1 wheel :
  • Road : 50 ml.
  • Gravel : 75 ml.
  • XC : 100 ml.
  • Enduro : 130 ml.
  • E-bikes : 150 ml.