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Our Stem-Integrated Trail bell is Tucked away in the unused space between the steerer tube and handlebar with a very convenient and useful Silencing Switch. It's a very simple design that does exactly what it should. Every 50mm Stem has the pocket built in for the Bell (the bell will NOT work with our 40mm Stem). As with everything RevGrips related, all pieces are CNC machined at RevGrips HQ right here in the USA.

Revgrips Bell Detail

Don't need or use a trail bell? You probably would if it was hidden inside your Stem with a very convenient Silencing Switch. All of us here at RevGrips have used trail bells for years as most of the trails we ride are also popular hiking trails. We feel that a trail bell is our duty as considerate mountain bikers and the last thing we need is to collide with a hiker.  We find a simple trail bell is much appreciated by our trail mates. 

To be honest, we found most trail bells to be SUPER annoying while riding so we kept that in mind when getting ours to sound just right.  We feel the volume to be just enough to alert other's to your presence on the trail and not enough to annoy you while riding. 

There is no hardware needed to mount the Silencer as it gets sandwiched between the Stem and Handlebar in a CNC machined pocket.

Only compatible with 50mm Revgrips Stems.

Total Weight: 32g