Reverse DH-7 EFS 7-Speed Rear Hub

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Different spokes Lengths and spokes Angle between the drive and brake side of the hub is one of the biggest weaknesses of wheels, as the flange distances are asymmetrical to the hub center.

Our EFS system (Equal Flange System) has symmetrical flange spacings and therefore also allows symmetrical spoke angles. Since the same spoke length is used on both flange sides, exactly the same spoke tension can be generated on both sides. As a result, this leads to an extremely stable and physically optimal impeller.

- 150/12 mm
- Number of holes: 32
- 120 points of engagement
- Weight: 305 g (+/- 5% weight tolerance)
- Material: Aluminum
- Only 7-speed compatible

- EFS = Equal Flange System
- Symmetrical flange distances for symmetrical spoke angles

Spoking data:
Flange to Center dimension:
- Left (Brake disc side): 37mm
- Right (Drive side): 37mm

Flange circle diameter.
- Left (Brake disc side): 58mm
- Right (Drive side): 58mm

Spoke hole dimension.
- 2.5 mm