Reverse Black One Titanium Pedals

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Maximum grip – light weight
These are the facts for our TITANIUM pedal of the Black ONE series.
The Black One TITANIUM pedal is 65 g lighter than our conventional Black One pedal and weighs just 249 g in pair. From the very beginning we designed this pedal to combine maximum durability and shape with the lowest possible weight.

This fully CNC machined pedal builds super flat to ensure maximum ground clearance when shredding through rough terrain. For the bearings we make no compromises and use german IGUS bushings and multi sealed industrial ball bearings! When taken out of the box, the pedal spins a bit slow, but this is how it is supposed to be. This prevents the pedal from spinning, if you have to get your foot off the pedal in tight switchback manoeuvres!

This pedal comes black in black, but if you like it a bit more colourful you can use the coloured pins of the standard Black ONE pedals as well! In addition to the standard aluminium pins, we also offer robust steel pins in different colours for this pedal.

  • - Pedal size: 100 x 100 mm
    - Height: 15 mm
    - Pedal thread: 9/16"
    - Bearings: 1 x german IGUS DU bushing / 2 x industrial bearings
    - Pin height: 5 mm standover height
    - Pin Setup: 20 aluminium pins per pedal (Thread: US Size 6/32", Length: 11mm)
    - Weight: 249 g in pair (+/- 5% weight tolerance)
    - Material: Aluminium - super light weight (pedal) / titanium (axle)

Safety note:
Unless otherwise specified by the crank manufacturer.
Make sure that the pedals are tightened to min. 37 to max. 42 Nm.

  • - Pedal service at the manufacturer (exchange of all bearings) for 25€ incl. return shipment within Germany
    - 1 x german IGUS DU bushing / 2 x industrial bearings
    - High strength titanium axle
    - 2x Pedal washers: to protect the crankset thread
    - Replaceable pins (4 replacement pins included, length 11mm)
    - Optional accessories available are aluminium or steel pins in various colours and lengths (click here)