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Ochain for e thirteen
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Ochain Floating Spider v4 - e*thirteen

Ochain Floating Spider v4 - e*thirteen

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Chainless feeling and performance with a chain. Are, You, Ready? #mtbgamechanger

The new v4 Ochain benefits from revised internals, meaning significantly extended service intervals. This is achieved by removing the metal-on-metal rotation and installing with nylon float washers and removing the need for 95% of the grease used previously. Now, only the newly revised labrinth seals require a little dab of grease. 

The v4 is also much easier to rebuild, with more laser etching and CNC 'engraving' to direct the user as to what parts go where. A 4th return spring also imroves Ochains' action.

Chainless riding means flowing sensations, absent pedal kickback, extremely good braking performance and removes negative effects of pedal weight on suspension making you ride faster and smoother. 

Ochain for e*thirteen direct mount cranks

  • Main material: Aluminium Alloy 7075 T6
  • Dimensions: 93mm x 93mm x 13mm
  • Weight: 128g
  • Chainline: 52mm (Boost only - Super Boost available)
  • Colour: Black hard anodised
  • Chainring Fitment: Standard BCD 104 mm chainrings
  • Included in pack: 
    - Ochain Rubber Kit to switch from 4° to 9° setup. 12 degree optional.
  • Ochain and chainrings fit only with 5mm length nuts!

Need a chainring? Upgrade your device to include an Ochain chainring.