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WHy Cycles now absorbed into the Revel range
Revel Titanium (recently renamed from Why Cycles when it was absorbed into its' Sister company, Revel Bikes) is a range of titanium mountain and adventure bikes from Colorado. It has its own unique take on the type of bike it's chosen to be. From the singletrack slaying, Baja Divide bikepacking hardtail that is the Wayward, to the Cape Epic marathon race bike, El Jefe. Revel Titanium make no apologies for the quirky features found on some of their bikes.

Who are Revel Titanium?

Until recently, Revel Titanium were known as Why Cycles. While the name has changed, the group of people are the same. Inded, Revel Bikes and Why Cycles are the same team, so they've not combined under one brand name.

Revel Titanium are a group of guys that decided that they wanted to create a bike brand that stands for more than just grams, fancy parts and winning races.

The Tech

Revel uses the highest quality Grade 9 3/2.5 titanium for the frames’ tubing and 6/4 titanium for the head tube and bottom bracket shell. The wonder material is 43% lighter than steel, higher strength-weight ratio than aluminium and the best vibration damping properties of all. We think you’ll agree that we achieved our goal of creating titanium frames with a modern twist by engineering guided internal cable routing, stealth dropper post routing, integrated headsets, and threaded bottom brackets.

Revel Titanium

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Every Revel Titanium bicycle frame is covered by a lifetime limited warranty to the original
owner. For more details on Revel warranty, please visit the Why Cycles Website.