From Italy


Chainless feeling, but with a chain. Unlock suspension and braking performance with this adjustable, floating spider.

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From El Paso, TX


Premium fit, quality construction and designs by artists in limited quantity runs. 

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From France

Slicy Products

Stunning, customisable mudguards, frame protection and tubeless accessories.

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From San Diego, CA


Floating grip design significantly reduces vibration. Less Arm Pump, Less Hand Pain, Less Numbness.

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From Washington, Utah

Fasst Company

NEW ARRIVAL - Suspension handlebars. Precise in the steering path, forgiving in the load path.

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From South Africa


Formulated for epic-distance riding in all weather for any bike. 

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From San Diego, Ca

Timber! Bells

Unique bell with on/off function, designed to build relationships on shared-access trails.

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From the UK

Lourí Straps

Handmade in the UK to a high quality, Lourí is all about ditching the pack.

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From Laguna Beach, Ca

Fix Mfg

Well considered, small multitools packed with features and wearable with proprietary belts and holsters.

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From San Diego, Ca

GÜP Industries

Latex tubeless sealant and enough air for real-world pressures. Your emergency parachute. 

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