Revel Rail Slaying

Revel Rail

27.5" wheels - 165mm travel
The Revel team created the Rail with two things in mind: maximum thrills and climbing hills. A tuned carbon layup makes railing through berms pure joy. The Rail will put an end to the traditional trail bike compromises to ascent efficiency to which you’ve grown accustomed. The Canfield Balance Formula is the heart of every Revel bike, which maximises the amount you pedal in the sweet spot and keeps the suspension wildly active while descending and braking.

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Frame Only

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SLX Complete Bike

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XT Complete Bike

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XTR Complete Build

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The Rail is a true modern bike, perfected by a group of bike nerds (revelers) to just the right angles. Revel took “long, low, and slack” and made it just right. The Rail puts your body in a position ready to bomb through the trail ahead with a long wheelbase that balances stability and cornering prowess. The BB height balances the ability to rail a corner and limit pedal strikes. The head angle is perfect for 27.5” wheels that are ready to tackle anything in the trail ahead.

Revel Rail Geometry