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Ochain - #mtbgamechanger

Once upon a time...a man was staring at the monitor watching the UCI World Cup in Hafjell, just like a typical downhill rider and fan. After watching Aaron Gwin winning chainless in Leogang his inner nerd and engineer thought "what kind of advantage could come from this situation for both rider and their bike?". What followed was an informal gathering of passionate engineers, riders and designers who set to work on an active spider concept. This spider would allow for suspension and control benefits of chainless riding, but also fulfilling the obvious need to enabling pedalling. 

Chainless riding means flowing sensations, absent pedal kickback, extremely good braking performance and removes negative effects of pedal weight on suspension making you ride faster and smoother.

1. Better braking: Eradicates brake-induced suspension jack
2. Comfort & control: Reduces pedal-whack, increasing foot comfort and connection with bike
3. More active suspension: Removes body-induced suspension resistance, freeing up suspension to be naturally more sensitive to terrain
4. That chainless feel: Improve any suspension design by simply removing the chain. Ochain achieves this, while retaining your ability to pedal
5. Benefits any suspension bike: Adjustable float ensures Ochain is great for DH to Enduro, Trail to XC. Benefits increase on rougher, more technical terrain
6. No loss in power transfer: Once engaged, it pedals just like a normal spider

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The solution

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