About Us

Cyclorise is a small, but fast growing distributor founded in 2017 and based in the Black Mountains of South Wales, which is a part of the Brecon Beacons National Park. We import numerous brands into the UK as well as having an interest in a self-started accessory brand called Huck which is run as a separate company and distributed by Cyclorise.

While we do sell our brands on this website direct to consumer, our primary objective is to make these brands available through your local bike shops. Our aim is not to be a retailer. That's why you won't find everything for your bike and body when it comes to cycling, here on our website. Therefore if you want to support us, please shop for our brands anywhere you find them here in the UK. 

If you would like to range any of our brands in your bike shop or mobile service business, please get in touch. APPLY FOR A TRADE ACCOUNT.


Who's behind Cyclorise?

We're a small, family owned and run business with a couple of employees and an office dog.

Siân brought a heap of organisation, structure and planning to Cyclorise when she came on board full time in 2018. Co-founder Siân, is a decision maker, responsible for ensuring profitability, finances, forecasting and sticking to our business strategy.

Thomas brings the passion and is behind the range of brands that you see at Cyclorise. He works on the marketing side and mostly does what the boss tells him to do (Siân). Until 2021, Thomas was THE sales team, but now manages key-accounts and the occasional sales trip to the North.

HOW COULD I FORGET?! Oscar. He's our amazing traildog. Oscar is also part of the team and ensures we run a tight-ship and are as good as we can be.


How we started - A product idea accidentally became a distribution business

Siân's career has mostly been spent as a Police Officer in Dorset, UK while Thomas is a product of a twenty year stint in the bike trade including retail, distribution, marketing and buying roles for small and massive cycle retailers. Thomas runs the business with passion, while Siân makes the important decisions with a more business-savvy head. She's more of a silent entity here at Cyclorise but has a huge day-to-day role in our growth and success as well as essentially being the boss.

2014, Thomas had an idea for a new product. A bicycle bell that could be switched on and left to sound when riding busy off road trails. Something that could be silenced when not required. Like a bear bell but specifically for mountain bikes. The idea came from a volunteer program in Southern California which used bear bells on bikes to help keep shared-access trails open. It was a successful project and Thomas wanted something on my bike that looked better and could be quietened when it wasn't required. As with many ideas of his, the idea was sat on and thought about but nothing was actioned.

Fast forward to 2016 and he started to look at how he could create such a product. In his research, he found he had recently been beaten to it by Timber! bells, a fairly new product from San Diego. Damn! Undeterred, later in 2016 he contacted Timber! and despite not yet having even a business name, website or budget in place, we managed to agree a distribution deal with the initial purchase of just 50x bells.

Before the bells had even arrived, a popular UK mag brought one back from the USA and featured it online as a 'quick look' sort of thing. This was our moment! Within six hours, Thomas rushed to publish our far-from-finished website, made up an awful logo and ran with the last company name idea he and Siân had discussed. Suddenly we were called Cyclorise and reached out to the magazine to say hello and ask them to add our web link to the article. They did and we sold all 50x bells that weekend. 13th February 2017, we officially became a limited company and Thomas began work full-time with the support of Siân.

Growth didn't seem slow at the time, but in hindsight it was. Feeling the sudden growth curve in sales from late 2019 and in particular in the weird year that was 2020 and now into 2023, we certainly know what growth feels like.