About Us

Cyclorise is a small and growing distributor. We import numerous brands into the UK as well as having an interest in a self-started accessory brand called Lourí, which is run as a separate company.

While we do sell our brands on this website direct to consumer, our primary objective is to make these brands available through your local bike shops. Our aim is not to be a retailer. That's why you won't find everything for your bike and body when it comes to cycling on our website. Therefore if you want to support us, please do so by shopping for these brands anywhere. But of course we will be happy to fulfil your order directly.

If you would like to range any of our brands through your physical, online, mobile or alternative outlet, please get in touch. We don't demand large buy-ins and are open minded as to your individual operation.

Who's behind Cyclorise?

We're a small team of husband (Thomas), wife (Siân), James and Oscar.

Siân brought a heap of organisation, structure and planning to Cyclorise when she came on board. She's a decision maker, responsible for ensuring profitability, finances and steering the ship.

I'm (Thomas) the main sales guys, manages this website and everything else regarding buying and distribution (sales) of our awesome portfolio here at Cyclorise. I also do most of the social media posting and other marketing.

James helps out with customer service and order processing on a part-time basis. He's as good on a bike as most of us imagine we are. Hard working and very much a key component to our ability to function day-to-day.

Siân's career has mostly been spent as a Police Officer in Dorset, UK while I (Thomas) have been working in the bike trade for twenty years including retail, distribution, marketing and buying roles for small and massive cycle retailers. I run the business with passion, while Siân makes the important decisions with a more business-savvy head. She's more of a silent entity here at Cyclorise but has a huge day-to-day role in our growth and success.

HOW COULD I FORGET?! Oscar. He's our amazing traildog. Oscar is also part of the team and ensures we run a tight-ship and are as good as we can be.