Slicy Products Sticky Loop Rim Tape
Slicy Rim Tape 46mm
Slicy Rim Tape 50mm
Slicy 23mm Rim Tape
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Slicy Rim Tape 36mm
Slicy Rim Tape 42mm

Slicy Sticky Loop Rim Tape

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Slicy rim tape completes a range of performance-led tubeless accessories.

Available in 10m length rolls and 5-widths, Slicy Sticky Loop is easy to install, has just enough stretch to ensure a secure fit and with strong adhesion, long-term durability. 

  • Easy to install
  • Optimal stretch / pressure sensitive
  • Strong adhesive / long durability
  • Semi-transparent / easy to spot valve hole for piercing
  • Available in 10m or 50m rolls 
  • 5 widths: 23mm/27mm/32mm/36mm/42mm

How to install:

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