Kolofogo is made in the Czech Republic and has arrived in the UK, officially imported and distributed by Cyclorise.

Taking your young child out on the trails can be brilliant fun as a family. There are some great products on the market to help your young shredder reap the rewards. However, in order to cover more miles, in greater comfort and safety for your child while not being as limited by the trails you ride, there's the single-wheeled kids trailer from Kolofogo.

Unlike a conventional 2-wheeled trailer which is limited on singletrack or can create a lot of side-side rocking for the child as you shred the trails, Kolofogo leans with you and is cushioned by a Rock Shox Monarch, custom tuned shock.

Simply a singletrailer with kickstand, ready to explore the countryside and take in rough trails in its stride.

Unique to singltrailers around the world, the Trayecto quickly converts into a 3-wheeled stroller. Instead of a kickstand, dual wheels fold down and allow for an ultra-stable and comfortable stroller for walking off paved surfaces. Upgrade from 12" to 14" wheels for jogging or use on rougher paths.