SMOOVE Lube is Back in Stock

The Covid-19 pandemic has been detrimental to so many businesses in the UK, but the cycling scene has been one of the lucky ones. 

For most cycling businesses in the UK (and world it seems), the pandemic has put people back on bikes. Repair work is queuing out of the door, bikes are selling out and even inner tubes are becoming a rare and valuable commodity. 

buy SMOOVE Lube and prepWe don't sell bikes or repair them, but the consumer has also been buying new parts and accessories of which SMOOVE all of a sudden become very popular. We sold through almost 2-months worth of stock in just a couple of weeks, but we were too late to re-stock, just as South Africa went into lock down. 

That's where SMOOVE is manufactured. All of a sudden, workers couldn't access the factory to package product and arrange dispatch. So we had a big replenishment order in and we couldn't get it! Eventually restrictions in SA eased but the backlog was then substantial. 

Fortunately, SMOOVE finally landed with us this week and to say we are relieved is an understatement. Almost our entire stock has gone straight out to fulfil shop back orders. That should make cyclists who have discovered SMOOVE happy, our bike shop customers happy and that makes us happy. 

If you haven't tried SMOOVE yet, pick up a bottle from your local shop or here

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