What is GÜP, actually?

Maybe you've seen those little blue cans on peoples' bikes lately? Well, that is GUP. Actually no, it's GÜP. The two dots above the 'U' change the sound of the letter from what would be a fish (Guppy) to an ooooooo. SO it's not GUP, it's GOOP. GÜP. See?

We launched GÜP last Spring. Nobody else does a product quite like it, so it's rather unchallenged in the marketplace. But I must admit, at first it was a slow burn. That's all been changing since the summer, with more and more riders realising that GÜP can actually save their ride. 

GUP Industries POSI wouldn't use GÜP unless I was rushed or had no other option. So when I'm racing or it's night time and I don't want to slow down my riding buddies, I use GUP...sorry, GÜP. OK OK, so you want to know what it does?

GÜP is basically a latex tubeless sealant that disperses with enough air to fill a 29" tyre to almost 30psi. It'll also get a 700x23c road tyre to 90-110psi. The latex goes in as a foam and later either fills your hole or turns to liquid and mixes successfully with your existing latex-based tubeless sealant.

There's another couple of products on the market that inject into your tyre and fill holes, such as Slime and Vittoria's Pitstop. Slime is heavy and does not mix with other sealants, so isn't much good being used in an existing tubeless setup. Pitstop does not mix well with other latex sealants and is a much smaller bottle, meaning while it is good as a safety measure on a road bike, it won't get far when inflating a mountain bike tyre. 

GUP Holster on BikeGÜP was developed with mountain biking in mind, but can also be used with road bikes and is tremendously popular with triathletes and time trialists, because GÜP can replace lost sealant and inflate a tyre from slat in around 10-15 seconds. Try changing an innertube that quickly!

Don't forget though, sometimes the hole in your tyre can be too big for sealant alone to work. We recommend getting kitted out with a Sahmurai Sword tubeless repair kit. These Samurai Swords double up as a set of handlebar end caps. Neat! 

There you have it. If you have any questions, comment below, head over to social media or email us sales@cyclorise.com