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OK, so you find the idea of suspension grips alluring. The promise of reduced arm pump, hand fatigue and numbness is just too good to ignore. But £99.99 on a pair of grips!? You need more than just our word that they're the best grips you'll ever use. Are they really worth the money? What are the bad bits?

This is a continuously updated bunch of reviews from the first couple of pages of Google. These are reviews from the best known media out there. You won't find any negative Revgrips reviews, so don't think I've just chosen the best ones.

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Revgrips review on Singletrack World
"These are super-plush, tuneable, luxury grips that do a great job of vibration damping. If I ever suffer hand or wrist injuries again, these are honestly the first thing I’d get, despite the price tag. With no ailments and a cockpit that seems to be keeping vibration at bay, they’re extravagant, but so comfortable I’d definitely spec them for a money-no-object build." CLICK HERE TO READ THE REVIEW


EMTB Magazine Revgrips Review

"Easy to dismiss as an overpriced indulgence, after testing, we’ve found that the RevGrips bring valuable performance benefits, especially for those who suffer from hand or arm pump. Grip choice is always subjective, but we found RevGrips offered more grip, comfort and reduced arm pump. In conclusion, they really work." CLICK HERE TO READ THE REVIEW. Revgrips review

"If you're struggling with aching, painful or numb hands and your suspension is sorted, you're happy with your brakes and you have £100 to drop (or £70 For the Race version with less adjustment), I’d say give RevGrips a go." CLICK HERE TO READ THE REVIEW.


Crank Betty Revgrips Review
"Overall, after six months, I am pretty convinced of the merits of the Rev Grips. If you are willing to spend roughly three times what you might normally do for a pair of grips, then I think you would be very pleasantly surprised. If you suffer from wrist pain or similar, then that goes doubly so." CLICK HERE TO READ THE REVIEW.

"Grip choice is incredibly personal, and many readers may not see any need to change up the grips they are already using. That being said, if you’re suffering from arm pump or hand pain, these could easily be the missing link in your setup. They reduce hand fatigue as advertised, and provide added confidence while charging through especially rough terrain." CLICK HERE TO READ THE REVIEW.


"The initial investment is steep, but considering that they are completely rebuildable, this is simply another bike part that can be serviced without replacement. It also doesn’t hurt that they look pretty dang awesome! I plan to keep the Revgrips on my bike for the foreseeable future, no matter how many random people at the trailhead tell me my grips are loose." CLICK TO READ THE REVIEW.


Pinkbike logo
"The $109.95 USD pricetag will be hard for many to swallow, but the added forgiveness of the Revolution Suspension Grips, however slight, will be appreciated by those who enjoy riding a short-travel bike quickly. I could also see downhillers who spend all day in the bike park benefiting from the design." CLICK HERE TO READ THE REVIEW.


Bikerumor Revgrips review
"It’s a big spend, even at $60 but after a few weeks of daily use I don’t see any drawbacks to giving them a try. If you suffer any type of hand, wrist, or elbow pain I would recommend giving them a shot. The more I ride with them, the more I like them" CLICK HERE TO READ THE REVIEW.