Revgrips are on their way!

A few weeks ago, we announced that we are to be the UK Importer and Distributor of Revgrips. In that time, we have seen a lot of chit-chat on forums and social media about what they are and what they do. 

Revgrips Large 34mm Green Sleeve with Blue ClampThe good news is, we have just received word our order is packaged and a collection is scheduled for Wednesday 2nd January in San Diego. It should only be 3-5 working days until our massive delivery arrives here in Abergavenny, Wales. The Christmas and New Years period has added a couple of weeks to the shipping time, but then we'll be fully stocked and shipping out to all those people who have laced orders. THANKS FOR YOUR PATIENCE. 

So what's coming in our first delivery? Well, we've ordered a huge amount. Therefore we will have every grip option (except the Ibis-specific SLI model) and colour way. That's 3x grip thicknesses, 2x grip patterns, 8x clamp colours, 7x sleeve colours all in the Pro Series. We also have the Race Series in 3x grip thicknesses and 2x grip patterns and the Grip Shift model in 2x thicknesses and 8x clamp colours. That's a a lot of SKU's!

What's more is, we are even stocking the spares. So if your grip sleeves wear out, you can replace just the sleeve. Or buy new rubber inserts to tune how your grip feels more precisely. Or just change your clamp colours for a new colour-scheme. 

Revgrips Technical Exploded DiagramSo what's the fuss about Revgrips anyway?

Revgrips don't touch the handlebar and twist on the bar. OK, don't panic they don't feel lose! The clamps support the grip and suspend it off the bar by a couple of mm. This allows a great deal of big shock absorption which gives more comfort on large impacts, such as landings and braking bumps at bike parks. The 'twist' comes from small rubber inserts that allow the grip to twist forward and aft by just a few degrees. Despite what some may think, the grips most certainly don't feel loose. You don't notice it when riding, they just do their job flawlessly.

So what is their job?

They offer unparalleled hand comfort and bike control during long miles in the saddle and aggressive trail/DH riding.

By using a series of washers, you can tune (Pro Series Only) how firm your grips feel. Some people like them very firm, some people like it 5-settings softer. I weigh 16 stone and ride hard. I have mine set on the second softest setting and am getting on wonderfully with them.

Race Series Revgrips on BikeRevgrips Race Series

We are also getting a very small amount of 'Race Series' models into stock. We had planned on introducing these in the Spring, but we have had a fair amount of requests for them, so we've included a few ahead of schedule. The Race Series have the same suspended sleeve and rubber-inserted 'twist', as the Pro Series mentioned above, but with a less-machined clamp (a little heavier) and no ability to tune how firm they feel. They come set in one setting. The price of these is £64.99 while the Pro Series is £99.99.

That's it for now, i'll write another blog soon with installation tips and perhaps a video. Comment below if you have any questions. 


Yeti Turquoise Revgrips GripsDVO Anodised Green with Black RevgripsRevgrips Neon Green with Purple ClampsHalf Waffle Revgrips Grey with Red ClampsRev Grips Neon Orange with Black Clamps Large 34mmRevgrips Neon Pink with Grey ClampsRev Grips Neon Yellow with Blue ClampsRevgrips Grip ShiftRevgrips Race SeriesRevgrips End Caps