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What is it? - Timber! is the original MTB bell. Available as a Bolt-On or Band-On model, it's designed to warn other trail users of your approach in a non-threatening and relationship-building way. The bell is silent until you drop the lever when it will sound a familiar bicycle bell sound automatically with the motion of the trail. Blast singletrack or tow paths safe in the knowledge that others will hear your approach before you see them. Annoying sound? When you don't need it, lift the lever to silence it. The ultimate trail advocacy tool.

Why is it good for your customers? - A bicycle bell that alerts others without startling. It's easy to use, achieves its task effortlessly in a way that improves your customers' experience on a shared-access trail.

POS? - Supplied on Eurohook hanging cards. Please request a counter-top POS (holds x8) at checkout if required. 

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