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What is it? - SMOOVE is a waxy lubricant that breaks your preconceived idea of how a wax lube performs. SMOOVE is ideal for ALL weathers over LONG miles while keeping your chain clean. Singletrack magazine published their review quoting an 890 mile road distance on a single application. It sets harder than other lubes so protects your chain better, extending its life by up to 124%. As long as it's applied correctly (to a spotlessly clean - use SMOOVE Prep - and totally dry), SMOOVE will be the best chainlube you'll ever use.

Why is it good for your customers? - No need to sell wet and dry lubes. SMOOVE is good for all weather, all year long. It won't wash off with water. In addition, it's clean and doesn't need to be applied before every ride. It lasts longer and protects better than any other commercially available chain lubricant. For the workshop, give your workshop customers the best experience of your servicing skills by sending bikes away with a 'SMOOVE Service upgrade'. Workshop bottles are available at a significant discount.

POS? - You bet. New SMOOVE dealers with physical stores are entitled to counter-top displays for both Lube and Prep.

Samples? - Get in touch to request a SMOOVE Lube sample bottle.