Fix Manufacturing.

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What is it? - Fix Manufacturing looks incredible and packs the quality you expect. Tiny, feature-full multitools designed to be worn within the proprietary belts or on your hydration pack exterior with the strap-on tool holsters. Complete with the stunning POS, Fix is a high-end multitool system with a serious USP. Team riders include Aaron Gwinn, Hans Rey, Steve Caballero, Mike 'Hucker' Clark and more.

Why is it good for your customers? - Most tool brands offer a tiny, space saving multitool. But none have the consideration and tool range that Fix contain. None can be worn and none look and feel as good. Your customers will enjoy the quality provided in the tool for years to come.

POS? - Spend £300+ before VAT to qualify for the large wooden crate POS. Buy 5-tool units for the small POS and 10-tool units for the medium POS. POS ownership is retained by Cyclorise.