Welcome #teamcyclorise

New for 2019 is #teamcyclorise. A team of 8 (for now) ambassadors who will be racing events all over the country in Cyclorise team colours and equipped with products from Revgrips, SMOOVE, GUP, Lourí, Sahmurai Sword and Timber! We hope 2019 is successful and 2020 brings an even greater range of riders into the fold.

We're proud to support the following hardy riders. 

 Adam Copley - @roamingloam

Adam Copley Team Cyclorise

Cezary Kuc - @ceez_mtb

Cezary Kuc

Chris Rice - @kristoffrides

Chris Rice Team Cyclorise
Ed Lowman - @steadyeddyed

Ed Lowman Team Cyclorise
Rich Turner - @rich_turner147

Rich Turner Team Cyclorise

Russ Wynn-Smith - @russmini

Russ Wynn-Smith


Tim Cutler - @mountimbiker

Tim Cutler
Will Doherty - @willdoherty13

Will Doherty #teamcyclorise

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