The Revgrips Stem has landed!

Rebgrips Stem OrangeIt's been over a year since Revgrips first showed the early production samples of their new stem. After launching their game changing grips a few years ago, nothing much followed with the exception of certain refinements. 

This masterpiece has now arrived with Cyclorise in the UK, at first in black only and with colours following in a couple of weeks. As with all Revgrips products, they're machined in Revgrips' factory in Santee, California with extreme precision and choose to make products they want, with the features they want to see on their own bikes. It's this obsessive focus on performance and quality that make Revgrips stand out. 

So what's different about this stem compared to any other? Revgrips trail bellAccessories! Stunning to behold in its own right, this stem isn't just stiff, great looking, robust and light weight, it's also got a trick up its sleeve.

Revgrips BellThe 50mm version of the stem (also available in 40mm) comes with a recess in the middle to allow for an optional trail bell. That's right, a bell which can be switched on and off to allow other trail users to hear you approach. The bell is made from a solid billet of brass, with a brass clapper that's just as stunning. Hidden inside the stem, this bell offers the benefits of our Timber! bell but with the benefit of it being hidden away from view.

Available on both length stems is a high quality delrin accessory mount that utilises Revgrips Accessory Mountthe two small drillings on the top. Using a GoPro format, you can of course mount almost anything, such as action camera's, computers and lights dead centre over the stem.

With other colours arriving soon, the Revgrips stem comes in both 40mm and 50mm lengths and for 31.8mm and 35mm handlebars. For a limited time, the stem comes included with a matching top cap (looks similar to the clamps of your Revgrips), usually priced at £19.99.

Stem Price: £179.99Revgrips Loaded Stem
Stem Colours: Grey body with clamp and top cap in: Black, Blue, Red, Orange, Green, Purple, Gold. 
Length: 40mm & 50mm
Clamp: 31.8mm and 35mm

Solid brass bell with switch: £59.99
Accessory Mount: £19.99
Top Cap: £19.99


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