Our new Product Photographer | Lewis Bell

Until now, I've always taken our product photos myself. Whether that's white-background on the occasion we didn't have what we needed from supplier, or be it imagery to portray the product in a considered environment. 

However, it's clear our small team is far too busy and unskilled to achieve the images we want. So it's time to outsource our requirements to somebody who can make it look easy..and natural.

Lewis BellI introduce to you, Lewis Bell. I've known Lewis for a few years through social media and became quickly aware of his photographic skills through his Instagram handle. But it wasn't until he shot a few images of SMOOVE Lube and GÜP for review blog at TotalMTB, that I became aware of his ability and interest in product photography. 

We milked those few images for almost two years but recently, Lewis approached us about shooting some more images for us on an official basis. Revgrips by Lewis BellThe seed was planted and just last week, we sent across a box of goodies for him to start shooting. We find Lewis very easy to work with. He asks us lots of questions to ensure he's shooting the right kind of content and his passion for cycling further assists with this, so it was a no-brainer really.

Lewis has lots more work coming his way soon, as we introduce new brands and products and is tasked with producing lifestyle, catalogue and plenty more forms of photography. Thanks to Lewis, we will have the image-bank we need to effectively communicate our range to trade and consumer customers. 

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