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It feels like only two weeks ago, we were launching Fasst Company was! But we're back with more news about another new brand to join our company, available to trade and to our web customers. 

Slicy Products comes from France and is owned by a talented mountain biker with a keen eye for design. We're all seen folding mudguards and tubeless sealant before, but what Corentin at Slicy has delivered is all of that, but better. 

Smooth Tyre SealantThe range includes stunning mudguards of various lengths for different purposes which come in dozens of designs and shaped with sharp lines for a modern aesthetic. There is tubeless sealant that lasts 6+ months and fills 6mm holes while smelling of banana, tyre inserts that are easy to fit and as effective as those at twice the price. There are tubeless valves that expel air sideways, to help resist clogging and blocking. The range also includes a range of frame protection products too, to covertly protect from damage or add a design to your tubes and make your bike really stand out.

If that's not enough, we can customise mudguards, top caps and frame protection for just you or for your shop, team or club. Buying 30x mudguards means you get a big discount and your own design.

Adding Slicy to our range doubles our product offering and means we have a bigger story to tell. Slicy is the best of all our brands at creating Instagram content and as our social media followers will recognise, we love our Instagram. 

So, pick up a mudguard, some tubeless sealant or a top cap and let's see the range grow.

Mudguards     |     Top Caps     |     Frame Protection     |     Tubeless Sealant     |     Tyre Inserts     |     Valves


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