Why don't Cyclorise run a Black Friday Promotion?

For long-term customers, it may seem strange that once-upon-a-time, we ran a promotion of sorts every few weeks but during the last couple of years, we've not run any promotions at all.

The reason? Well, it comes down to our main line of business. Cyclorise is a distributor above being a retailer. Yeah sure we sell direct to a loyal consumer base, but we also sell to bike shops and that's our aim. To make the products we represent, available through shops all over the UK (and some parts of Europe). This is why we don't behave in a typical e-retailer kind of way. You can now buy our products from various bike shops and to continue to support our bike shops, we won't offer discounts on our products. Even if you ask nicely.

For those who like to support us as a small (and growing) business, we thank you so much. It's people like you who have really helped us get to where we are now. You can continue to support us by buying any of our brands from anywhere you find them. No matter where you buy them (in the UK), you've supported our business as well as the business who sells them to you. 

I hope that helps outline what our role is in the supply chain.