Welcome to the brand new Cyclorise website!

The old Cyclorise website was two years old. It looked OK and it performed averagely on the Weebly platform. But it did have a few bugs every now and again which customers sometimes told us about. These bugs were silly little things that you would expect a web-platform to protect against. Or spot before we did. So it was time to move to a more reliable provider that also gave greater mobile editing potential, greater levels of reporting and the ability to give consumers a greater level of service. 

So here it is. The new home of Cyclorise Distribution. It's still the early days and we have lots of new features planned for the site, such as language options, alternative currencies and the ability to have a dealer log in. That's something we and our shops have been craving.

We also plan to make a contribution to the blog every week. It's great for SEO, but moreover it's an opportunity for our customers to get to know us. To see the more informal us. The goings on behind the scenes. You can always check out Instagram or Facebook for that kind of content too, but here you will be able to find dedicated articles and 'How To's that relate to the brands we represent.