The new Cyclorise Jersey

We're running a little behind with the delivery of our Cyclorise Jerseys. But, we think the wait has been worth it. 

We've just opened for pre-sales (CLICK HERE) as we have a REALLY limited quantity arriving in the last half of April (they might arrive sooner, but we're on holiday so can't process them into stock). 

Cyclorise Team JerseyThe jersey available to buy is almost identical to the #teamcyclorise jerseys, but without the #teamcyclorise hashtag on the tail of the jersey. That's how you know if you're on the official team or not. 

Ally, from Ride It designed the jersey and has done an incredible job. We briefed him with a demand for a 'cool' looking jersey that suited our company colours (grey and turquoise) and promoted our brands in way that wasn't too garish. I have a strong dislike for jerseys that are bright, just for standing out. A hotch-potch of different logo colours and shapes on a horribly putrid jersey. I think Ally nailed it with these. 

Team Cyclorise Jersey Rear EnduroBecause we hope to sell these jerseys to anybody turning up at races this year, we've subsidised the cost for this initial small run. High quality, Enduro fit jersey and we're making it available for just £44.99 delivered. Typically, by adding a small profit margin on, we would expect to retail this awesome jersey for around £60. Hop on board now :)