How to Apply SMOOVE Chain Lube

SMOOVE is an all-condition chain lubricant. Yep, you just need SMOOVE for dry weather or wet weather. When cyclists see the white, creamy liquid that comes out of a bottle of SMOOVE, they often assume the same thing. SMOOVE is a dry-weather lubricant. That might be the case when you look at other traditional white-wax lubes, but not when it comes to SMOOVE.

SMOOVE has a higher oil-content than other wax-lubes, ensuring it lasts longer...MUCH longer; in any weather. It won't wash off in mud and grime and ensures your chain stays far cleaner than other winter chain lubricants. 

To achieve this incredible performance, it does rely on correct application. Following are some application instructions and also a video I made to help with correct application. 

One tip before we get started...when ensuring your chain is both clean and dry before applying, do not use petrol or white spirit to clean. Use a citrus-degreaser which does not leave a film behind. Petrol and white spirit leaves a trace film which hinders how SMOOVE adheres itself to your DON'T USE IT.

Step 1 > Apply SMOOVE to a clean dry chain (do not use white spirit or petrol to clean as a residue is left behind. A strong degreaser is required such as SMOOVE Prep)
Step 2 > Apply on the inside of the chain while turning the pedals to ensure that the lube gets worked into the chain. Keep applying as a constant dribble until you see lube spanning the pins between every other link. 
Step 3 > Now keep pedalling the chain backwards 15-20 times to ensure it's totally worked in. Test the chain by pinching the side of the chain between your fingers and lightly twisting. you should see lube being pushed out from behind the plates.
Step 4 > Leave to dry for at least an hour in a dry environment. Best results are achieved if lube is applied the night before. Note: drying in cold or damp environments will take far longer for SMOOVE to set. 
Step 5 > Do not wipe chain after application. Leave to set, but wipe your rim, frame or floor wherever SMOOVE has over-sprayed.
Step 6 > Too much lube will cause residue to accumulate around the derailleur pulley wheels and cassette. It is common for riders to assume SMOOVE has worn off and apply more lube before it's required. Break your habit and only reapply when the chain 'sounds' dry.

Now, watch the video...