How do Revgrips compare to other grip thicknesses?

Revgrips are available in three different thicknesses (31mm, 32.5mm & 34mm - approximate) which offers you the biggest range of options possible when investing in a set of Revgrips. But what do these sizes feel like?

I've taken some time and compiled a list of grips in alphabetical order of brand and then model. Hopefully you will see your current grips within this list so you can form an expectation of which Revgrips size is right for you.

If you don't see your brand, please comment on the article and I will add it in. I will add to the list periodically.

Brand Model  Thickness (mm)
DMR Deathgrip Thin 29.8mm
Deathgrip Thick 31.3mm
Sect 25.4mm
Ergon GA1 Evo Not Listed*
GA2 30mm
GA2 Fat 33mm
GA3 30mm
GD1 30-32mm variable 
GD1 Factory Slim 29-30.5mm Tapered
GD1 Factory Regular 30-32mm Tapered
GE1 Evo Slim 30mm
GE1 Evo Regular 32mm
GE1 Evo Factory Slim Not Listed*
GE1 Evo Factory Regular Not Listed*
Cush Grip Not Listed*
Elite Flow 31mm
Elite Motion 30mm
Elite Pro 32mm
F-1 Float Not Listed*
Longneck Not Listed*
Longneck Pro Not Listed*
Longneck ST Not Listed*
Rogue Not Listed*
The Machine Not Listed*
Ruffian Not Listed*
Sensus Disisdaboss Not Listed*
Sensus Swayze Not Listed*
Sensus Lite Not Listed*
Troy Lee Designs Not Listed*
Vans Not Listed*
X-treme Not Listed*
Yeti Hardcore Not Listed*
Race Face Chester 31mm
Grippler 30mm or 33mm
Half Nelson 29mm
Doof n' Evil 31mm or 33mm
Strafe 33mm
Sniper Lock On 30mm
Sniper Slide-On 30mm
Love Handle 28mm or 33mm
Renthal Traction Lock-On 32.2mm
Lock-On 30mm
Ultra Tacky Push On Not Listed*
Superstar Components Silicone 33mm
Foamy 30mm
Excel 32mm
Grinder 32mm
Half Flange 30mm
Size Zero 29mm