Transition Throttle with Spengle wheels

We distribute bicycle accessories and components that set new benchmarks in performance. Imported from the USA and South Africa, we sell to bike shops as well as the end-consumer in the UK, Europe and the rest of the world.


Suspension Grip System

Imported and distributed by Cyclorise in the UK, Revgrips offers unparalleled comfort and control, resisting the effects of braking bumps and trail buzz.

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Lourí Frame Strap GÜP Kwiki Sealant Inflator SMOOVE Universal Chain Lube Sahmurai Sword 2.0 Tubeless Repair End Caps Timber! MTB Bell

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GUP Industries being used

What is GÜP, actually?

Maybe you've seen those little blue cans on peoples' bikes lately? Well, that is GUP. Actually no, it's GÜP. The two dots above the 'U' change the sound of the letter from what would be a fish (Guppy) to an ooooooo. SO it's not GUP, it's GOOP. GÜP. See?

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SMOOVE Chain Lube Application

How to apply SMOOVE Chain Lube

SMOOVE is an all-condition chain lubricant. Yep, you just need SMOOVE for dry weather or wet weather. When cyclists see the white, creamy liquid that comes out of a bottle of SMOOVE, they often assume the same thing. SMOOVE is...

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Revgrips Tech Sheet

Revgrips are here!

By using a series of washers, you can tune (Pro Series Only) how firm your grips feel. Some people like them very firm, some people like it 5-settings softer. I weigh 16 stone and ride hard. I have mine set on the second softest setting and am getting on wonderfully with them.

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