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Unique, anti-vibration grip to tackle hand pains
Revel Ranger

Revel Ranger

Some stock available right now
Slicy Sublimistick

Slicy Sublimistick

Pre-cut frame protectection

Huck Straps
w/FREE 1ltr Drybag

Lighten the load or ditch your pack altogether
Why Cycles El jefe

El Jefe

The brand new, from Why Cycles

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Cyclorise is a family owned and operated B2B & B2C distributor based in Abergavenny, South Wales. We eat, sleep and breathe cycling, off road mostly.

We import high-end bikes, parts and accessories with an emphasis on performance above all else. Made available through our network of bike shops in the UK and Europe as well as here on our website. We may be a small business, but our brands pack a big punch and there's always more in the pipeline. 

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Velocity Hucking Systems

VHS Slapper Tape

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